Official Rules of Twelve Man Football

Structure of the League

The league has a total of fourteen teams, divided into two divisions. the Maple Division and the Beaver Division. Each team plays a minimum of 13 games per season, and the three best-performing teams in each division are eligible to participate in the Playoff tournament at the end of the season.

Season Structure

The regular season consists of 14 weeks, with each team playing one game in 13 of the 14 weeks. Each team will receive one bye week.

Each team faces every other team in the league once per regular season, for a total of 13 regular season games.

Playoff Structure

Regular season results affect eligibility for the Playoffs, as discussed below. The best-ranking team automatically qualifies for their respective Divisional Final. The second- and third-best performing teams compete in their division's Wild Card game, the winner of which competes in the Divisional Final.

The two divisional champions then compete against each other for the league title in the TMF Championship.

Rules for determining league rankings

The following procedures are used for determining league rankings, both within the divisions and throughout the league, as well as determining who is eligible for the Playoffs.

The first step is to take the win-loss-draw regular season results (so far) for the teams being compared. For comparison purposes, a draw is considered as half a win. If no clear winner is produced, consult the Tiebreaker Procedure described below.

Tiebreaker procedures

  1. The total regular-season win-loss-draw results for each team.
  2. The total regular-season win-loss-draw results for divisional games for each team.
  3. Head-to-head regular season results, if applicable.
  4. Avarage points scored per game for each team.
  5. Average points scored per game in divisional games for each team.
  6. Total points scored in regular-season head-to-head matchups, if applicable.
  7. Percent of correct picks throughout the season.

If all else fails, a coin toss will be used.

Game Rules

The following is the set of rules for play procedure.

Picking Procedure

Each team must guess the result of four CFL games that week. They must pick one of the two teams they think will be a winner. If they guess correctly, they earn the number of points they wagered. Otherwise, the game is worth nothing.


Each team is allotted a number of points to wager on games. The total number of wagering points availabe is equal to the number of games that week multiplied by 10. They may wager any amount of their allotted points or all of it. The maximum number of points they can wager on a single game is given by the power ranking of the team they picked:

Less powerful teams are intentionally made to worth more in order to reward those that take bigger risks. The point values for each team are refreshed every week.

Over/Under Bonuses

Each team wll also play each game's over/under spread. A correct over/under guess is worth 3 extra points, for a possible total of 12 bonus points per week.