Feeling Lucky Punk?

Overview: The NFL playoffs consists of a total of 13 games, including the Super Bowl. In our contest, you will pick the winner of each game. You will also assign a point value of 1-13 to each game; but you can only use each number from 1-13 once. The tricky part is when to use the higher valued numbers when you do not know what the following rounds’ matchups will consist of.

League Play: The contest will start with NFL’s Wild Card Weekend. It will finish up with the Super Bowl. Points earned each week will accumulate throughout each round. A perfect score is 91 points. There are no cuts; all contestants will play every week of the contest. The player with the most points after the Super Bowl will be declared the winner.

Tie Breaker Rules: This contest will utilize a tie-breaker question for each round played. If the contest ends in a tie, then the player with the most tie-breaker questions answered correctly will take the title. If the tie-breaker questions are also tied, then the title will be shared by the players involved.