In this competition, players choose a team name. Currently, we are using animal names. No geographical location will be used.
Making Picks:
Each week, the NFL schedule will be sent out to the competitors with the most current spreads. Players will then pick five underdogs. The bigger the point spread, the more potential points that a player can earn.
Vegas Points:
Players will earn points each time a picked underdog team wins. The points earned will be based on the point spread used. These points are dubbed "Vegas Points."
There is no head-to-head format utilized in this competition, except the final week. Instead, golf-style standings are used. Vegas points accumulate through the regular season. Standings will be based on total Vegas points earned.
There will be cuts utilized throughout the regular season. When a player is cut, he/she is finished for the season. Here is the schedule of cuts:
After Week 6: Top 20 advance
After Week 8: Top 16 advance
After Week 10: Top 12 advance
After Week 12: Top 8 advance
After Week 14: Top 4 advance
After Week 16: Top 2 Advance
If players are tied and the cut line goes in between them, then all players will advance.
Championship Week:
The Top 2 players, after Week 16, will play in the Championship Game. All cumulative Vegas points will be ignored for this week. In case of a tie, the top player going into the week will claim the trophy.
Double Points:
After Week 10, all Vegas Points earned will be doubled.