This league will focus solely on the Liga de FĂștbol Americano Profesional. This is the top American football league being played in Mexico. Participants will choose a city and team name from the Expansion Page on this website. All of the cities are in Mexico and team names are in Spanish.

League Schedule:

The league schedule will consist of a regular season that is 8 games long. There will be assigned home and visitor teams for each game. The home team has a built-in scoring advantage.
New for 2024: Due to shorter LFA schedule, the number of playoff teams in our league has been reduced to 4 teams. The divisional winners will be the top two seeds. The two teams with the next best records, regardless of division, are the next two seeds.

Tie Breakers:

Because home field advantage exists in our league, head-to-head matchups will not be utilized for tie breakers.
1. Total Points Scored
2. Divisional Record (if applicable)
3. Picks Record
4. Strength of Schedule
5. Amount of salary cap used. Lower gets the edge.
6. League Vote

Post-Season Set-Up:

New for 2024:
#4 at #1 and #3 at #2.

Game Play:

New for 2024:
Each week, participants/coaches will pick the winners of all games played that week in LFA. Each LFA team is assigned a salary cap number based on it's place within the LFA standings. Assuming a given week has 4 LFA games, the salary cap will be $24. ($6 x # of games played) A coach must pick 4 winners whose combined salary is $24 or less.
A game's value is determined by each player. A Home Team player will select 1 game to equal 3 points, 1 game to equal 7 points, and 2 games to equal 10 points. A Visitor Team player will select 1 game to equal 3 points, 2 games to equal 7 points each, and 1 game to equal 10 points.

Championship Week:

The championship game will be unique because it will include all 5 games of the LFA playoffs. Therefore, it will take 3 weeks to determine the result of the championship game. The rules for home team and road team are still in effect. The home team will have the built in 3-point advantage. Players will make their picks week-to-week. No salary cap is in place for the championship round, but each player must pick at least 2 underdogs during the tournament. Players will also need to use strategy because he/she will have to decide when to use their 10 and 7 point picks without knowing the exact matchups the LFA will have the following week.