This league will focus solely on the Liga de FĂștbol Americano Profesional. This is the top American football league being played in Mexico. Participants will choose a city and team name from the Expansion Page on this website. All of the cities are in Mexico and team names are in Spanish.
League Schedule:

The league schedule will consist of a regular season that is 8 games long. There will be assigned home and visitor teams for each game. The home team has a built-in scoring advantage.
The post-season is unique. There is not an exact amount of playoff spots. Teams that finish with a .500 or better record will qualify. The top 2 seeds will be the Divisional Winners. The next 2 seeds will be the second place finishers. The playoffs will be a win-and-advance scenerio. Byes will be determined by how many teams qualify for the playoffs. Home-field advantage will still be in play in the postseason.
Post-Season Set-Up:

If 4 teams qualify: #4 at #1 and #3 at #2. Winners advance to championship.
If 5 teams qualify: #5 at #4. The winner plays at #1. #3 plays at #2.
If 6 teams qualify: #6 at #3, #5 at #4. Top 2 teams get a bye.
If 7 teams qualify: #7 at #2, #6 at #3, #5 at #$. #1 gets a bye.
If 8 teams qualify: #8 at #1, #7 at #2, #6 at #3, and #5 at #4.
Game Play:

Each week, participants/coaches will pick the winners of all games played that week in LFA. Each LFA team is assigned a salary cap number based on it's place within the LFA standings. Assuming a given week has 5 LFA games, the salary cap will be $30. ($6 x # of games played) A coach must pick 5 winners whose combined salary is $35 or less.
A game's value is determined by each player. A Home Team player will select 2 games to equal 3 points each, 1 games to equal 7 points, and 2 games to equal 10 points. A Visitor Team player will select 2 games to equal 3 points each, 2 games to equal 7 points each, and 1 games to equal 10 points.