League Rules

1. Our league involves picking games from top indoor football leagues. As of 2021, those leagues are the Indoor Football League, Champions Indoor Football, and National Arena League. This can change from year-to-year, as the indoor/arena landscape is in constant flux.

2. The number of games picked each week will vary from week-to-week. We will generally have between 10-14 games. As a player, you need to pick all the games.

3. Each team is assigned a point value from 1 to 10. The stronger the team, the less points they are assigned. This rules is set-up to reward players for picking underdogs correctly.

4. If the team you pick wins, you earn the assigned amount of points. If that team loses, you receive 0 points. All points earned for a given week are added up and compared to your weekly opponent to determine if you win/lose/tie. There is no tie-breaker rule currently in effect.

5. For 2021, we will have a total of 16 players. The regular season will be 10 weeks long. Top 8 teams qualify for the playoffs. During the playoffs, the higher seeded teams will own the home tie-breaker, if needed. Teams will also earned bonus points based on their seeding.

6. If a player fails to make his/her picks before the deadline, his/her team will automatically forfeit that week. A player is allowed only 1 forfeit a season. If a second forfeit happens, that player will automatically be replaced by another player.

7. Tie Breaker Rules (within standings): a) Head-to-Head, if applicable b) Total Points Scored in Season c) Strength of Schedule d) Record vs. winning teams