You do not need to be a member of CKS to play in Halls of Ivy, or vice-versa. The format of each league is unique in its own way.

All players must select a fictitious college football teamname from a movie, television show, book, or any other entertainment source.

Teams will play each week (Weeks 1-4 as non-conference games, 5-10 as conference games) Weeks 11 & 12 will be the playoffs. Non-conference pods will be created for the initial weeks. One team from each conference is placed into a pod.
For conference games, teams will compete solely against members of their respective conferences.
Members of a particular pod will compete against each other for 2 weeks of play. After each two weeks, the pods start over as players make new picks for the next 2 weeks.
For the first season of Hall of Ivy Football, conference alignments will be deteremined randomly. It has not been decided yet if conference affiliations will remain the same from year-to-year, be completely randomized for each season, or have slight adjustments in the off season.

You will choose one team per Conference with your total dollar amount spent to be at or under $24. Teams are ranked dollar wise from $6 - $1 based on RPI.
Weekly picks will be due each week by Thursday afternoon at 3:00PM est and will be for the games to be played on the following two weekends. Weekly Picks are sent via the picksheet page. Unlike CKS, all games will count...not just Saturday games.

If you fail to submit picks, a computer randomizer will determine your represented teams. All those teams will be $1 each.
SCORING: You will earn points for each team chosen based on the following parameters:
Win over FBS team 25 points
Win over FCS Top 25 team 15 points
Win over FCS team 10 points
Win over Lower team 5 points
Loss vs FBS team 6 points
Loss vs FCS Top 25 team 4 points
Loss vs FCS team 2 points
Loss vs Lower team 0 points
Win by 10-20 points +2
Win by 20-30 points +4
Win by 30+ points +6
Road Win +4
The team with the most points earned over the two-week period will earn a 3-0 record. The second place team will be 2-1. The third place team will be 1-2. The last place team will be 0-3. If 2 teams tie for first place, each team will earn a 2-0-1 record. If 2 teams tie for second place, each team will earn a 1-1-1 record. If 2 teams tie for third place, each team will earn a 0-2-1 record. If 3 teams tie for first place, then each team will earn a 2-1 record. If 3 teams tie for last place, then each team will earn a 1-2 record. If all four teams in the pie finish tied, then each team will earn a 1-1-1 record.

If you find a problem with the scoring for a week, you must let us know immediately. All scores become final once the first game of the next week begins.
The top team (conference record) in each conference will earn a spot. The next best 2 teams (overall record) will all qualify.
The top 2 conference winners (by overall record) will earn a first round bye. The other 4 teams will be placed in a pod to compete against each for 1 week. The top 2 teams move onto the final round to play the two teams that received byes.
Teams will earn bonus points based on seeding and overall record for the playoffs. The amount of points has not been decided yet.