In this competition, players choose a team name. Each week, players compete against each other and accumulate points for each winning pick they make. Points are based on Power Rankings published by or
Power Rankings:
Each week, NFL teams are grouped into one of six pods based on each team's strength. Strength is defined by the Power Rankings given by or The top 5 teams are placed in the 3 point pod. The next top 5 teams are in the 7 point pod. The next top 6 teams are placed in the 10 point pod. The following top 6 teams are assigned 14 points. The 17 point pod would be the next 5 teams. Finally, the bottom 5 teams are in the 21 point pod.
The weaker teams are given more points as an incentive for players to pick more underdogs then they might of without this system.
Weekly Picks:
A league schedule is created each season. Each week, a player will compete against another to see who scores more points that week. A player needs to make 5 picks on who he/she thinks will win their particular game. If a picked team wins, the player gets the points assigned to that NFL team for that week. If a picked team ties, the player gets half the points. (rounded up, if needed). If a picked team loses, the player receives 0 points for that pick.
A player can not pick two teams that are playing each other that week. If that happens, both picks are forfeited.
For 2024, teams are divided into 2 conferences. Each conference is divided into 4 divisions. Standings will be kept on the main page of this website. There will be a total of 14 regular season games. There are no byes.
The playoff structure will be exactly the same as the NFL with 7 teams from each conference qualifying.
Tie-breakers used will be the exact copy of the NFL's.
In the playoffs, higher seeded teams get home-field advantage. That means if a game ends in a tie, the home team is declared the winner.