Roy Andrews
Louisiana Tigers
Back to School
Nate Bishop
Dakota University Drunkees
Drunk on Pepsi
Shane Burton
Harrison University Cougars
Don't Call Shane "Booger"
Darrell Cox
South Central Louisiana State Mud Dogs
Peace, Love, and Indiana
Stephen DiCaprio
Adams College Atoms
Stephen Turned Down Harvard
John DiGiovanni
University of Los Angeles Peacocks
Mr. Party Guy
James Fenton
Faber College Mongols
Rocking the Tux
Nathan Helton
Metropolis University Bulldogs
Saturday Night Special
Garrett Krygier
East Texas Tech University Owls
Age Progression
John Krygier
Eastern State University Timber Wolves
Best college DJ
Enda Mulcahy
Rafferty College Huskies
Looking so Serious
Todd Oliver
Blue Mountain State Mountain Goats
Mr. Casanova
Will Riney
Texas State Fightin' Armadillos
You'll shoot your eye out, kid
Steve Ruth
Minnesota State Screaming Eagles
Ruthie Is Looking For You, Nerd!
John Smogolski
Grand Lakes University Hooters
Disproving Existence of God
Scott Schmitt
Clifton College Woodchucks
It's important to stay hydrated.
Kevin Sullivan
Lone Star State Unbeatables
What's in the Bag?
Steve Dutko
Thrope University
Forgot to do his laundry again.