Official Rules of Alternative Football Association

Structure of the League

The league has a total of twelve teams, divided into two divisions. the East Division and the West Division. Each team plays 8 games per season, and the two best-performing teams in each division are eligible to participate in the playoffs.

Season Structure

The regular season consists of 8 weeks.

Each team faces each of their five divisional opponents once per season. Each team also faces half of the teams in the opposite division for a total of 3 games.

Playoff Structure

Regular season results affect eligibility for the Playoffs, as discussed below. The two best-ranking teams in each division at the end of the season each participate in the Semifinal Playoff Round. The second place teams will play the opposing division's first place teams. The first place teams will own home-field advantage.

Winners of the first round then compete against each other for the league title in the AFA Championship.

Tiebreaker procedures

  1. Head-to-Head regular season results
  2. Record within division
  3. Total points scored
  4. Regular season picking record
  5. Strength of schedule

Game Rules

The following is the set of rules for play procedure.

Picking Procedure

Each player must pick the result of four USFL games with a point spread utilized. With each pick, the player has to wager from 5-20 points.

Each player is given a total of 50 points to allocate to utilize each week. Any unused points are considered lost.

If a picked USFL wins its respective game, including the point spread, the player receives all the points wagered. If a picked USFL ties its respective game, including the point spread, the player receives half of the points wagered. (rounded up, if necessary) If the team loses, no points are awarded to the player.

All of the awarded points earned that week are compared to the competing player to determine win, loss, or tie. There is no tie-breaker in AFA.

An internet picksheet will be available via the website.

Two sets of emails will be sent out by the Commissioner. The first email will indicate the date that players must submit their picks. The second email will be sent out approximately 24 hours before due time. This email will list the teams that have not sent in picks yet.


If a player fails to submit his picks on-time, his team will forfeit that week and receive 0 points.

Forfeits affect the balance of play and are heavily frowned upon. Earning a second forfeit will result in an immediate removal from the league. A computer-player will then play the rest of the season for that particular team.